We connect local bakers to the charities that can use bread to battle hunger in our community.

Upcoming bakes

View our upcoming bakes below and sign up! Any amount is appreciated, whether it's 2 or 20, you're making a huge difference!

9/26 - 250 loaves

alma backyard farms grocery kits

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Sign Up
Sign ups for each bake are sent through our newsletters. You can also select which non-profit you'd like to bake for above! Let us know how many loaves you can bake. Whether it's 2 or 20, it makes a significant impact.

step 2

Bake your loaves. Each loaf is scaled at about 500g each. If you're interested in baking something else, let us know! Our goals vary every month depending on which organization we are supporting, so any amount helps!

step 3

drop off
Drop off at the designated time or location. We'll email you these details.
Even if you live outside of our service areas, we still accept your bread donations. It will be redistributed back to the local community.

who we support

The Cast Your Bread South team is uniting L.A. bakers south of the 10 freeway all the way to Long Beach for a biweekly community bake to help people in need.
If you are interested in submitting your charity or organization to become a distributing partner, send us a message!

All bakes are welcome. No run is too small. When a lot of people each do a little, great things happen.


Below are next steps and resources to support our community bakers to continue baking it forward.

a basic bread recipe to get started

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upcoming bake 9/26

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